Dominican Republic Real Estate

Real estate in the Dominican Republic can be just as varied as any other country. While many people (even if you’ve not travelled to the Dominican Republic) are familiar with the more oft-publicized Punta Cana, not many are familiar with the opportunities available on the North Coast.
This sums up many of the differences in the real estate market. Punta Cana (like the rest of the Dominican Republic) is absolutely breathtaking. It is a fantastic place to visit, live, or own a second home. It is also more well-known, which translates to higher prices for real estate, more crowds, and more development. Towns on the North Coast like Cabrera (the picturesque setting of Cristal Beach Resort) are less well-known amongst foreigners, but are very popular with locals.
North Coast Dominican real estate carries with it a much lower price tag, less crowds, and quieter, more secluded living. Think of it as getting in on the ground floor!
Whatever you decide your style is, Dominican Republic real estate is a great option for your next vacation home or real estate investment!